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The Gospel Talent Hunt Show Season 2

Are your ready to show case your talent


Grasp this opportunity to win amazing cash and gift prizes in this year’s The Gospel Talent Hunt Show Season 2.  

Competition @ a glance

Register online for free by filling our form
Upload a 59 sec video of you showing your talent
Engage friends, family to subscribe and vote on OITV YouTube Channel
Engage them to keep voting for you through the elimination stages
Get ready for the pre-finale physical auditioning at our studio
Prepare for the ground finale to grasp the winning prizes

Step 1

Step 2

Upload a 59 Sec video showcasing your talent and send via WhatsApp to +2348186303626 with your full name and stage name (if any).

Please note: no call is allowed, just chat & sms.

Step 3

Engage your family, friends, and the public to subscribe on our YouTube channel to vote for you. For each elimination stage, voting time line is 48 hours only.

Accepted voting process is by placing a comment in the comment session eg. I vote for Dorcas.
Update about elimination will be provided on our YouTube channel. so follow us closely.

Participant that qualify will be asked to send in new content until they get to the audio recording stage

Click on YouTube to vote

Step 4 & Step 5

Contestant that survived the elimination stage will be invited for a physical auditioning at our studio where they accessed by our judges. Those that qualify will compete for the price at the Grand finale holding in Lagos.

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