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About us

Omo Ileri Recruitment Services (omires) a subsidiary of Omo Ileri Int’l Resources Co. Ltd.

We are currently helping young willing, vibrant, elegant and visionary Nigerians secure their dream job.
So as to assist you…when companies reach us for vacancies, we send mail to our subscribers for the positions available.

Our services include


Service Plan Categories

Category A ( PLATINUM )

Plan payment: 100%

For : #25,000

Price tag: Highest plan category

 Features are:

  1. Forensic Verification
  2. Workshop/ Seminars
  3. Safety Guide
  4. GPRS Skills
  5. Analytical Skills
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Customer Relationship Management Skills


Category B " GOLD "

 payment : #10,000

Price tag: Medium

 Features are:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Safety Guide
  3. GPRS Skills
  4. Analytical Skills
Category C " SILVER "

Payment: #5,000

Price tag: Low

 Features are:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Safety Guide

Protocol Governing Recruitment Of Dispatch Riders

Omo Ileri Recruitment Services (omires) a subsidiary of Omo Ileri Int’l Resources Company Limited is venturing into recruitment services: significantly, professional riders recruitment for logistics services to clients across the length and breadths of Lagos State.


Our policy applies to all internal and external applicants applying as dispatch riders or customer service representative in Logistics Company.

Responsibilities/ Establish Backend

Our organization and our recruitment team are responsible for recruiting twice only if the employer finds the applicants not suitable for the position after which the employer will be charged for third recruitment


Our recruitment process will help logistics companies within and outside the state to get a registered, qualified and trustworthy riders that can handle your clients parcel without any displeasure in services.

It will also enable your organisation save its reputation in the business of logistics as well as having a comprehensive data of employees after being recruited.

Thus, the purpose of we recruiting is to ensure:

  • a professional and consistent dispatch riders for logistics organizations.
  • that riders are recruited on the basis of their ability and years of experience in the field.
  • that logistics companies retain and maintain its reputable image with their clients
  • that there is a comprehensive data on each riders recruited for security reasons.
  • that riders can read and use their intellect via mapping out locating outside the jurisdiction of their operation.
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